Air an Rathad visits Thainstone Centre


TSA Auctioneer Jim Scott met up with the Air an Rathad team from BBC Alba (@bbcalba) as they filmed at the twice-weekly vehicle auction at Thainstone Centre.

Donnie MacKay, Linda Macleod, Fiona MacKenzie and Murray MacLeod (pictured with Auctioneer Jim Scott and their acquisitions) purchased two vehicles to compete in a new challenge - Ralaidh na Trealaich.

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BBC Alba, Episode 1

Air An Rathad,Series 8 - Episode 1 of 9

Linda, Donnie and Murray are back where they belong, in the driving seat. They're test driving the newest cars on the market, taking part in car club rallies and thrashing old bangers round Scotland. Air an Rathad is back with a new look and a brand new series!

Donnie travels north to Sweden for a masterclass in ice driving. Former rally champion Mikaela Kottulinsky shows the boy from Ness how it's done. Linda learns about an old classic, the Vauxhall Viva, and shares her opinion of the new Viva on the market. Will it prove as popular as the original? Murray teams up with Fiona Mackenzie at Thainstone Centre Vehicle Auction to buy a car good enough to beat Linda and Donnie in a new challenge - Ralaidh na Trealaich. They're delighted with their purchase of a Golf GTi - but hold on, there's a twist...